France’s envoy return to Turkey

France Sunday said its envoy to Turkey is returning to Turkey after Ankara condemned a terror attack in the city of Nice in which three people have died.
France summoned its envoy to Turkey one week ago after Turkish leader Recep Tayyip Erdogan indicated that President Emmanuel Macron needs a mental check, in criticism of French leader’s picks on Islam and refusal to condemn cartoons of Prophet Mohamed, in the name of the freedom of expression. Paris considered Erdogan’s comments “unacceptable”.
Erdogan further put pressure of the European country and backed the boycott of French products in Muslim countries. France’s top diplomat Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian, on Sunday, said the return of the envoy to Turkey came after Ankara’s condemnation of Nice attack. “It is impossible to maintain an atmosphere of misunderstanding,” Le Drian said.
A 21-year old alleged Tunisian citizen illegal migrant stabbed three people to death last week in the French city, the second terror attack in France in the same month after a teacher was beheaded.

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