Saudi Arabia to allow international commercial flights from Jan.1

International commercial flights to and from Saudi Arabia will resume from January 1 next year on the condition that all coronavirus-related precautionary measures are followed, state-run news agency SPA has announced.

“Completely lifting the restrictions on citizens leaving and returning to the Kingdom, and allowing the opening of ports for the crossing of all means of transport through land, sea and air ports, after January 1, 2021, while adhering to the current coronavirus precautionary procedures,” the agency said quoting an official source of the Saudi Interior Ministry on Sunday.

“The specific date and time for lifting the suspension will be announced 30 days prior to January 1, 2021. The Ministry of Health may, should it be required, request to put in place certain preventative health requirements for travelers and carriers during travel, and in the halls of airports, ports, and stations,” SPA added.

the decision also identified some categories of Saudi citizens who are allowed to leave and return to the kingdom. The categories include Civilian and military governmental employees, assigned to official tasks, personnel at the Saudi diplomatic and consular missions as well as attachés abroad and personnel at the regional and international organizations, their families and companions, personnel at permanent jobs, in public, private or non-profit facilities, outside the kingdom, and those who have job tasks in companies or commercial institutions outside the kingdom.

They also encompass participants in regional and international official sporting events, including players and members of technical and administrative staff, businesspersons whose business requires travel to conclude commercial and/or industrial activities as well as export, marketing and sales directors whose tasks oblige them to visit clients.

The Gulf country in March closed its borders as part of efforts to curb the spread of coronavirus.


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