Tunisia: 4th democratic country where Americans can settle after COVID-19 – Business Insider

The American website Business Insider ranked Tunisia in the 4th place among the 20 democratic countries where Americans could settle after the coronavirus pandemic.

The website described Tunisia as “a welcoming country, where the climate is pleasant and where life is affordable.”

Business Insider also selected the 20 countries according to health security, saying that Americans wishing to leave their country, once travel from the United States to other countries is allowed, can settle in Tunisia, ranked 4th best country, where it is good to live.

“This North African country tops our list because of its ideal annual temperature, low cost of living and also the low average number of new coronavirus cases per capita (as of mid-July),” the website added.

The site also points out that Tunisia has a migrant acceptance index of 6.47, which is higher than the overall score of 5.34.

“You will have to get a residence permit if you plan to stay for more than 90 days, otherwise you can travel without a visa. If you seek to become a permanent resident in this country, you will have to live here for five consecutive years with temporary residence,” Business Insider said.

It will be recalled that last June, the American magazine Forbes cited Tunisia among 7 countries that have the potential to become major tourist destinations, or “the rising stars of travel in a post-Covid world”.

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