Kuwait: Famous artist lambasted after asking expats to leave

Kuwaitis have laid into a famous national actor after she asked authorities to flash out expats amid coronavirus-linked health crisis, Arabian Business reports.

Hayat al-Fahad, an iconic top artist who starred in several Arabic dramas, caused a controversy Tuesday after she told local television that the Gulf country should prioritize citizens in efforts to contain coronavirus spread.

“We are fed up. If we get sick, there are no hospitals (for us),” she said during a telephone interview.

“Why, if their countries do not want them, should we deal with them? Aren’t people supposed to leave during crises?
“We should send them out… put them in the desert. I am not against humanity, but we have reached a stage where we’re fed up.”

Many Kuwaitis took to social media to slam her and branded her comments “unacceptable”, the Dubai-based media reports.

“How many Kuwaitis are outside Kuwait at the moment? Should everyone also apply her logic when it comes to them?” one critic said on Twitter.

The Gulf country has registered 340 cases and no fatalities. Eighty people have recovered and discharged from hospital.

Authorities have provided free health care to the population including expats who account for 70 per cent of the entire population of the Gulf nation.

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