Iran: MP for assassinated Soleimani’s hometown offers bounty for killing of Trump

An Iranian lawmaker for Kerman, the hometown of assassinated General Qassem Soleimani has offered to pay $3 million to anyone who kills US President Donald Trump who ordered early this month elimination of the Iranian top army commander.

“On behalf of the people of Kerman province, we will pay a $3 million reward in cash to whoever kills Trump,” Ahmad Hamzeh said, according to ISNA news agency.

It is unclear if the parliament and the authorities have provided backing for the offer.

The bounty comes following the popular funerals in the province and in capital Teheran of the Iranian military commander slain in a US airstrike early this month, at Baghdad airport after he arrived from Syria in the Iraq capital.

The Trump administration accused the General of targeting American interests.

Robert Wood, the US disarmament ambassador branded the reward “ridiculous”.

Hamzeh also urged the Islamic Republic to acquire nuclear weapons.

“If we had nuclear weapons today, we would be protected from threats… We should put the production of long-range missiles capable of carrying unconventional warheads on our agenda. This is our natural right,” he said according to Reuters.

Following Soleimani’s assassination, Iran vowed to scarp “all limits on its uranium enrichment work”, which could lead to the production of nuclear arsenal.

The Islamic Republic signed in 2015 a nuclear deal with world powers. The agreement prevents Teheran from acquiring nuclear capability in return for gradual lifting of international economic sanctions.

President Trump in 2018 pulled the US out of the deal claiming it was full of flaws and demanding a review of terms.

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