UAE-Japan:  Japanese to be taught as second language in UAE  high schools

The UAE and Japan are discussing agreements for the teaching of Japanese in some high schools of the Gulf country as the two countries seek to increase their education cooperation.


Japan’s new envoy to Abu Dhabi Akihiko Nakajima told UAE state-run news agency WAM that the teaching program will be launched “within a year”.


“To both countries, education is one of the most important policy pillars for our prosperous future, and I firmly believe that we can contribute to each other in this area,” the diplomat stressed.

Last year, the two countries signed a joint statement giving a new dimension to their relations.

The announcement for the teaching of Japanese in Emirati schools comes after the Gulf country agreed with China to introduce Mandarin into its school circular, starting from September.

The UAE education ministry late last month said it hired about 150 Chinese Mandarin teachers for the academic year 2019-2020.

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