Jordan: Two cabinet members step down in aftermath of school bus accident

Jordanian Ministers of education and tourism have resigned as pressure mounts on the cabinet to investigate the death of at least 20 people, mostly junior secondary school students, during an excursion to Al-Miyah al-Sakhina near the Dead Sea, last week.

Azmi Mahafzah of the education and her colleague Lina Annab of tourism stepped down Thursday, an official told AFP.

The two cabinet members came under harsh criticism after an excursion to Al-Miyah al-Sakhina near the Dead Sea by a group of secondary school students and their teachers turned tragic. The group according to authorities was taken by surprise and washed away by a flood caused by torrential rains.

At least 20 people have died and dozens were injured. The flood carried away on several kilometers some of the victims. Those who survived clung to rocks.

Several members of parliament called earlier this week for the two ministers to be dismissed because the outing had been authorized despite warnings of bad weather, The New Arab reports.

Prime Minister Omar al-Razzaz pledged to commission an investigation into the accident to determine why the trip went ahead despite weather forecast warning of heavy rains.

The Premier vowed to punish people that the probe will hold responsible.

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