Nuclear Accord: Qatar not eager to join US allies in possible war against Iran

Qatar has distanced itself from a potential war against Iran as its defense minister questions Israel’s and the White House’s hardline on the Islamic Republic.

“Is it wise to call the United States and to call Israel to go and fight Iran? … Whether any third party is trying to push the region or some country in the region to start a war in Iran, this will be very dangerous,” said Khalid bin Mohammad al-Attiyah, Minister of State for Defense and Deputy Prime Minister of the State of Qatar, during a defense conference at Singapore.

Al-Attiyad also indicated that Qatar will not be used as base to attack Iran. The Senior Qatari official told reporters his country was not a “fan of war”.

Qatar is home to al-Udeid Air Base; the largest US military base in the region. Around 10,000 US troops are stationed in the Gulf gas-rich country and are deployed in the fight against terrorism carried out by the US and its allies.

The Qatari official called on world powers to consider dialogue over war as a way to salvage the 2015 nuclear accord. The accord’s future has been on the line after US President Donald Trump withdrew America last month.

“Everyone should keep holding on to this and advance with this. In my own judgement, I think the United States is wiser than to enter in a war with Iran,” he said.

“Iran is next door. We should call Iran, put all the files on the table and start to discuss to bring peace rather than war,” he added.

Qatar has fallen out with its neighbors led by Saudi Arabia over its alleged support for terrorism and close ties with Iran. It has since June last year been facing a sea, air and land blockade that has crippled its food supply. Iran and Turkey have emerged as its largest suppliers.

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