Houthis launch Seven missiles towards Saudi Arabia

The Yemen-based Houthis have launched overnight seven ballistic missiles towards Saudi Arabia that were intercepted by the Saudi Royal Air Defense Forces, reported the official Saudi Press Agency.

Saudi security forces said they shot down three missiles over Riyadh shortly before midnight. Debris fell on a home in the capital, killing an Egyptian resident and wounding two other Egyptians.

Official spokesman of the coalition forces supporting the legitimacy in Yemen, colonel Turki al-Maliki said that on Sunday evening, the air defense forces of the coalition detected the launch of seven ballistic missiles from within the territories of Yemen towards Saudi Arabia. Three of the missiles were directed at Riyadh, while the four others were fired at the souther Saudi cities of Khamis Mushait, Najran and Jazan, SPA quoted colonel Turki as saying.

The missiles were launched in a random and absurd manner to target civilian, populated areas. They all were intercepted and destroyed by the Saudi Royal Air Defense forces. Interception of the missiles led to the fall of fragments on some residential neighborhoods, SPA added.

Several Saudi Arabia’s allies, including its Gulf neighbors and the United States, have strongly condemned the dangerous Houthi missile attacks and expressed support to the Kingdom’s right to defend its borders and safeguard its security.

Meanwhile, Houthis promise more missiles if Saudis continue the Yemen war.

A top Houthi leader hailed the attack, which took place on the eve of the third anniversary of the entry into the Yemen war by Saudi Arabia and its Arab allies.

“If they want peace, as we have said to them before, stop your air strikes and we will stop our missiles,” Houthi political council chief Saleh al-Samad told a crowd of tens of thousands of supporters in the Yemeni capital Sanaa, Reuters reported.

“If you continue your air strikes we have a right to defend ourselves by all means available,” he said.

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