Egypt: Six members of group responsible of Saturday attack killed – interior ministry

Security forces Sunday killed six members of the militant group behind the killing of two people in Alexandria, in an attack targeting the Police Chief, the interior ministry has revealed in a statement.

The statement accused Hasam group that authorities consider as the armed wing of the outlawed Muslim Brotherhood.

The group has staged urban attacks against law enforcement forces and members of the judiciary in retaliation to the ouster in 2013 of Islamist President Mohamed Morsi, member of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Police Chief in the city of Alexandria survived an assassination attempt Saturday. Two police forces lost their lives in the car bombing.

The interior ministry launched a hunt of the attackers. Six men were killed in a shootout on Sunday. The ministry said it identified three of the slain, believed to have taken part in the Saturday attack.

The assassination attempt took place two days before presidential elections. Incumbent leader AbdelFattah al-Sisi is seeking a second term after winning 2014 polls. A year earlier he had deposed elected President Morsi in a coup.

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