KSA: King Salman approves Departments to probe corruption cases

King Salman has signed a decree setting up legal units tasked with investigating corruption-related cases, one month after the end of the anti-corruption purge, which rounded up some 200 people including 11 Princes, top state officials and business big-wigs.

The departments will be supervised by the kingdom’s attorney general Sheikh Saud bin Abdullah Al-Muajab.

Sheikh Saud reportedly told the information ministry that the establishment of the units is intended to “increase effectiveness” and accelerate the process of combating corruption.”

The state-run news agency, SPA, points out that King Salman’s decision was dictated by his concern to combat corruption in all its forms with the aim to protect the homeland and its resources, preserve public money and protect the integrity of the public service.

Sheikh Saud in November ordered the arrest of 11 princes including billionaire al Waleed bin Talal and several other officials in what the royal court called an anti-corruption campaign.

The detainees were held for several months. Most of them signed monetary agreements in exchange for their release, according to authorities.

Several analysts said the anti-corruption campaign was aimed at numbing potential opponents to Crown Prince Mohamed bin Salman who is believed behind the move.

Saudi Arabia ranks 57 out of 180 countries on Transparency International’s Corruption Perception index, for scoring 49 over a total of 100. The kingdom was ranked 62nd the previous year.

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