Oman: BP signs up for supply of 1.1 mtpa of LNG a year

Oman Liquefied Natural Gas Company (Oman LNG) will supply British Petroleum BP 1.1 million tons of LNG per year in a deal to last seven years, Reuters reports.

BP was represented by its Singapore-based trade unit.

The deal, according to Reuters, allows BP to ship the cargoes anywhere without destination restrictions.

The global oil firm launched in September production at the Khazzan gas field that it owns, enabling the Gulf country’s gas output to rocket far higher than the 10.4 million-tons prior to September.

Previous years’ export figures were low: 8.2 mtpa in 2017, compared with 8 mtpa in 2016; 7.6 mtpa in 2015; and 7.4 mtpa in 2014, Reuters reports.

The low exports were reportedly due to the government policy to meet domestic and industrial electricity demand.

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