Jerusalem: US threatens to cut contribution to UN after GA setback

US envoy to the UN, Nikki Haley, hinted Thursday, following the landside vote at the UN General Assembly against President Trump’s decision recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, that the US could cut its support for the UN as it is being disrespected despite its contributions.

The motion condemning President Trump’s December 6 decision recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s capital and plans to move the Tel Aviv-based embassy to the disputed city was supported by 128 countries, including major recipients of US aid such as Egypt, Iraq and Afghanistan.

The Thursday motion was rejected only by 9 while 35 including Mexico and Canada abstained. France and UK were in favor.

Haley lambasted the vote and pointed out that it disrespects the US, which grants assistance to many countries and contributes largely to the global organization.

She noted that the vote was an attack on Washington’s right to exercise its own foreign policy.

“The United States will remember this day,” Haley said.

It “will remember” that the US was again asked to make the largest contribution of any country to the UN, she said, and it will remember how the vote went when other countries come to the US for help.

Wednesday, President Trump himself threatened to cut aid for countries voting against the US.

Last Monday, fourteen members of the UN Security Council supported an Egyptian-drafted resolution condemning Trump’s decision, but the text was vetoed by the US.

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