Bahrain: October attack on police bus pinned on Iran

The small Gulf monarchy Wednesday accused Iran of masterminding last month bomb attack on a police bus, which killed one officer and wounded several others.

Authorities, in an initial statement last month, indicated that an unidentified terror cell was behind the attack and that investigation into the incident was going on.

“The terrorist cell received extensive training in Iranian Revolutionary Guard camps on the use and manufacture of explosives and firearms, as well as material and logistical support,” the interior ministry however said on Wednesday.

It added that one member of the cell was arrested while other members ‘were fugitive’ in Iran.

The Islamic Republic has not yet reacted to the fresh accusation, which followed another charge after an explosion on Friday on Bahrain’s main oil pipeline.

Bahraini authorities finger-pointed Iran for sponsoring the “terrorist” sabotage.

The monarchy has been facing insurgency since 2011. The country was rocked by protests staged by the population Shia majority, who complain about their marginalization by the Sunnite minority.

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