Yemen: Hadi grounded in Riyadh as clash with UAE erupts

Yemeni President Abd Rabbuh Hadi, his sons and some officials have been put under house arrest in Saudi Arabia and prevented from returning to Yemen after he fell out with the United Arab Emirates (UAE) that he accused of behaving like an occupation force in the war to overcome Iran-backed Houthi rebels.

Close military aids to Hadi told Associated Press, under condition of anonymity, that attempts by the Yemeni leader to return home from Riyadh where he and his entourage have been since February, have been busted.

“When Hadi asks to go, they respond it’s not safe for him to return as there are plotters who want to take his life and Saudis fear for his life.”

The recent attempt according to a security commander was in August after Hadi was sent back from Riyadh airport as he planned to leave.

The commander said friction between Hadi and the UAE prompted Riyadh to impose the ban.

Hadi reportedly early this year clashed with UAE Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Zayed, accusing the UAE of imposing their dominion in Southern Yemen, the part of the country controlled by Hadi forces and the Saudi-led coalition.

Saudi and emirati forces are trying to gain back the control of the country and reinstate Hadi’s authority after he was expelled from capital Sanaa in 2015.

AP reports that the UAE views Hadi as corrupt and loathes his coalition with the Islah Party, Yemen’s branch of the Muslim Brotherhood.

UAE which has strong presence in the South of Yemen has also reportedly established competing security administration and opened secret prisons where cases of torture have been widespread.

The Saudi-led coalition early this week closed Yemen’s air, sea and ground borders after a Houthi-launched missile landed near Riyadh airport. No casualties were reported.

The commander told the AP that Saudi authorities initially seized the passports of several of Hadi’s officials but returned them while banning the officials from leaving the Kingdom.

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