UK Tourist Faces ‘Death Penalty’ in Egypt for Possessing Painkillers

A British woman, Laura Plummer, 33, has been imprisoned in Egypt after flying into the country carrying 290 Tramadol tablets and some naproxen for her husband’s sore back.

Media reports say that after finding the painkillers in her suitcase at an airport, Egyptian authorities made the British shop worker sign a 38-page statement in Arabic. She believed she would be able to leave the airport afterwards and begin her two-week break by Red Sea.

The British lady, suspected of drug trafficking by Egyptian authorities, was put into a prison cell with 25 other women, where she has stayed for a month.

Tramadol, a strong painkiller, is legal in the UK but users must have a prescription.

However, the substance, which is known to be used as a heroin substance and also by terrorists to increase their battlefield resistance, is illegal in Egypt.


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