Morocco Needs a New Development Model to Fulfil Citizens’ Aspirations, King Says

King Mohammed VI underlined without any complacency that Morocco does need a new development model that meets citizens’ needs, fulfils citizens’ aspirations and ensures dignity for all and called upon the government, Parliament and all the institutions and bodies concerned to reconsider this development model and to come out with an integrated vision and with innovative and bold solutions.

“We have to admit that our national development model no longer responds to citizens’ growing demands and pressing needs; it has not been able to reduce disparities between segments of the population, correct inter-regional imbalances or achieve social justice,” said King Mohammed VI in a speech on the occasion of the opening of the Parliament’s Fall session on Friday.

Despite the tangible progress made and which is recognized throughout the world, he said, “Moroccans today need balanced, equitable development, which ensures dignity for all, guarantees income, provides jobs – especially for our young people – and contributes to building confidence, promoting stability and ensuring integration into professional, social and family life, a goal to which all citizens aspire”.

Enumerating Moroccans’ aspirations at the economic and social levels, the Monarch insisted that “they also want health coverage for all, easy access to quality medical services and their dignity to be preserved. Today, Moroccans want a good education for their children – one that does not simply stop at reading and writing. They want an education that guarantees integration into the knowledge and communication-based world; an education that gives access to the job market and contributes to individual and collective advancement, instead of producing large numbers of unemployed people”.

Likewise, he went on to say, “Moroccans need a fair and effective judiciary. They want an efficient public service that caters for the needs of citizens and serves public interest; a public service that promotes investment and fosters development, without any form of bribery, cronyism or corruption”.

The King then called upon the government, Parliament and all the institutions and organs concerned to reconsider the Moroccan development model in order to keep abreast of changes in the country.

“As far as our development model is concerned, I should like to see an integrated vision that gives it fresh momentum, that helps overcome the hurdles impeding its adjustment and that addresses the weaknesses and shortcomings revealed by past practices,” he said, calling for using a participatory approach involving all national stakeholders, committed actors and the Nation’s driving forces.

Calling for innovative, bold solutions, “even if that means going into uncharted territory or causing a political earthquake,” the Monarch went on to say “I want this to be a collective national pause to address issues and problems that are troubling Moroccans. I want it to foster awareness of the need to change mindsets that stand in the way of achieving the comprehensive progress to which we aspire”.

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