Palestine: Abbas threatens to strike if Hamas fails to surrender

President of the Palestinian Authority (PA) Mahmoud Abbas has indicated that he will not accept any copy of Lebanon-based Hezbollah in Palestine in reference to Hamas’s control of the Gaza Strip.
Abbas’s Fatah which controls the PA has been re-accepted in enclave at a Tuesday ceremony marking reconciliation between two Palestinian factions.
Both movements fell out in 2007 after Hamas chased out Fatah members in the wake of 2006 elections won by the Islamist movement.
Abbas in an TV News Agency that will not tolerate any strong Hamas in Gaza, comparing the Fatah rival to Hezbollah.
“I will not accept or copy or reproduce the Hezbollah example in Lebanon,”
“Everything must be in the hands of the Palestinian Authority (PA),” he added.
According to agreements seen by Egypt and other regional Arab countries, the PA will now control Rafah crossing between Gaza and Egypt and administration offices
The PA should also take control of the security of the 2-million populate Strip but Hamas has vocally opposed to the move.
Hamas political bureau chief Ismail Haniyeh Tuesday said his movement will not hand over its weapons adding that the resistance against Israel will continue.
Both factions are expected in Cairo next week for a major conference to cement the reconciliation.

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