Yemen war: Houthi-fired missile at UAE vessel

An Emirati vessel has come under attack in the Red Sea from a missile fired by Houthi rebels who fight Saudi Arabia-led international coalition supporting President Mansour Hadi in exile from capital Sana’a.

The attack injured one crew member but did not damage the vessel, reports say citing the Command of Coalition for Supporting Legitimacy in Yemen.

The vessel, according to United Arab Emirates’ state-run news agency WAM, was carrying medical supply and equipment to Yemen gripped by a cholera outbreak.

The vessel came under attack as it left al-Mokha port, Saudi and Emiratis media sources pointed out.

According to Houthi news outlet Sabanews, the rebels claim the vessel was a warship.

United Arab Emirates is part of the Saudi-led coalition confronting the Iran-backed rebels who have seized the Northern part of the poorest Arab country.

The rebels lost the al-Mokha port early this year to the coalition forces.

A Saudi vessel also came under attack in January near the Hodeidah port. Two crew members were killed.

In October, another Emirati ship was targeted by a Houthi-fired missile in the strategic Bab al-Mandab strait. The incident was described as an “act of terrorism”.

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