EU willing to scale up support to Tunisia

The European Union (EU) has pledged to increase its support for Tunisia in all forms, underlining that the North African country is the hope of the region.
Tunisia was celebrated this week as the country of honor at the European Parliament.
After Tunisia emerged as the only success story of the Arab Spring, the EU supported the North African country with several projects and accords in the areas of economy, security, politics to foster its nascent democracy.
The EU is still willing to help Tunisia fast-track its development and guarantee its stability, the Speaker of the EU Parliament Antonio Tajani said at the opening of Tunisia’s week event.
For Tajani, the EU is poised to increase its assistance thanks to partnership instruments through the acceleration of negotiations for the quick establishment of the “Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade.”
Speaking in the presence of the speaker of the Tunisian parliament Mohamed Ennaceur, Tajani urged for the establishment of a framework that facilitated business for companies of both sides.
“I propose to you to orientate our economic diplomacy towards the promotion of our respective companies to create opportunities among them,” Tajani said.
Federica Mogherini, Chief of EU’s foreign policy underlined the EU’s eagerness to further assist the North Africa country in overcoming current challenges namely economic, security, social and regional still dogging on the progress of the country.

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