Syrian Regime Slams Tunisian Troika, Marzouki for Sending Jihadists

Tunisia National Dialogue talksSyrian deputy foreign minister has finger-pointed the Tunisian Troika, led by Mohamed Moncef Marzouki that ruled Tunisia between 2011 and 2014, for being responsible for the Tunisian jihadists’ joining terrorist groups in Syria.

“They are responsible for the sending of young Tunisians in Syria to join terrorist groups,” Fayçal Mokded spilled the beans Tuesday as he spoke to visiting Tunisian journalists, reports.

Ties between the two countries are retaking shape after they were cut off in 2012 by former Tunisia President Marzouki who led the Troika composed of Islamist Ennahda, Ettakatol, and his Congress for the Republic.

In 2012, Marzouki expulsed the Syrian ambassador to Tunis in protest against the Assad regime’s crackdown on opposition and civilian populations.

“The present diplomatic relations between Syria and Tunisia are just distorted and a disfigured version of the fraternal relations that have always united the two countries,” Fayçal Mokded added.

For the Syrian official, Damascus has been trying to thaw ties with Tunis but has been disappointed by Tunisian authorities, which limit ties to simple consulate representation in Syria.

“How come some western countries can plan to reopen their embassies in Damascus at the time when Tunis ignores such question,” he added.

President Caid Essebsi appointed a consul in Damascus in July 2015.

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