Turkey: Erdogan Kicks off Anti-Gülen Tour in Africa

erdogan-facetimeTurkish ruler Recep Tayyip Erdogan has embarked on a visit to three African countries in a move to impede influence of his foe, Fethullah Gulen, the Turkish cleric exiled in the United States.

After Senegal, Chad and Morocco, Ankara is expanding counter-Gulen offensive in Eastern Africa. President Erdogan Sunday flew to Tanzania to seek a motion against Gulen community.

Ankara accused the self-imposed exiled cleric of leading a terrorist organization and of masterminding the July failed military coup in Turkey.

Gulen’s FETO designed by Erdogan as Fethullah Terror Group is present in several African countries in the form of schools, NGOs, businesses.

“We are going to increase the difficulty of FETO’s actions in African nations like Tanzania, Mozambique and others,” Erdogan told reporters before taking off from Turkey.

“We are going to increase with our counterparts what our expectations are regarding the struggle towards FETO,” he added.

The five-day tour will also take the Turkish ruler to Mozambique and Madagascar.

Senegal and the Chadian authorities under pressure from Ankara have closed Gulen affiliated schools.

Morocco also ordered the closure of eight FETO schools recently, citing irregularity in the curriculum which the interior ministry said was contrary to Morocco’s religious and education principles.

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