King Mohammed VI Tour in East Africa Opens New Era in South-South Cooperation

The new African tour started Tuesday by King Mohammed VI in East Africa opens a new era in the relations of cooperation between Morocco and the countries of this region.

This fresh royal tour, the first of its kind, which includes Rwanda, Tanzania and Ethiopia, will strengthen the strategic cooperation Morocco is building with brethren African countries within the frame of South-South cooperation, based on multidimensional & win-win partnership.

The new African trip will also enable the North African Kingdom to enhance cooperation ties with English speaking African countries after having successfully launched several model development projects in Western Africa and serving the interests of local African people.

These projects seek to develop African agriculture, fisheries, vocational training, health, water, solar energy, electricity…They focus on vital sectors (training, agriculture, water, energy…) to African people to ensure food security and speed up socioeconomic development, using homegrown know-how, adapted to the African needs and respecting Africans’ traditions.

The royal visit to Rwanda comes after the visit paid to Morocco last June by the President of Rwanda, Paul Kagame, at the invitation of King Mohammed VI.

This visit gave new momentum to Morocco’s political, economic and social relations with this country as the Sovereign is personally committed to developing cooperation with African countries.

Both King Mohammed VI and President Kagame share the same vision and are both resolved to boost partnership in various sectors such as agriculture, transportation, training, trade, investment…

Rabat and Kigali are determined to build a strong relationship thanks to the political will and clear-sightedness of the two countries Heads of State who look forward to shifting up the gear of development in the continent.

Rwandan Presidnet Paul Kagame said that King Mohammed VI’s visit to Rwanda is reflective of excellent ties between the two friendly African countries, describing this first visit by the Moroccan Sovereign as being of “great importance.”

“We are very happy to receive His Majesty the King on this visit that shows the ever-growing relations between our two countries,” said Kagame, adding that this visit will usher a new era in bilateral cooperation in several fields.

Many analysts are convinced the new African tour undertaken by the Moroccan Monarch in the three East African countries will give a new impetus to Morocco’s relations with these African states, so distant and yet so close.

Morocco and Africa share the same destiny and the North African Kingdom is certainly a reliable partner for progress, peace, stability and sustained development.

It seems that the South-South partnership, the dream cherished by so many sub-Saharan African leaders, is becoming a reality thanks to the genuine initiatives, solidarity and tireless efforts deployed by King Mohammed VI for Africa’s sake.

Empowered by its unique development model and its unwavering support to Africa, Morocco ushers in new cooperation ties with new partners, looking upbeat to the future.

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