Yemen: President Hadi Commemorates Aden Liberation Anniversary

President Hadi of Yemen thanked and applauded the efforts of the Saudi-led coalition and determination to reinstate him as the legitimate president of the country following his removal by the Houthi Movement.

In a statement published by the official news agency, Hadi as part of commemorations of Aden’s one year liberation anniversary called on the coalition to provide full support to his government in order to strengthen its authority, administer the economy and help ease the humanitarian crisis affecting the Yemenis.

Yemen is one of the poorest countries in the sub-region and the war between the Houthi Movement and its allies and the pro-Hadi forces backed by the coalition has worsened the situation in the country after more than a year of battle.

To ease control of the liberated areas, President Hadi urged legitimate authorities to confront and overcome the remaining obstacles. He also called for cohesion and unity between the different ranks. Militants of the al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula had helped pro-Hadi forces to fight the Houthis but they have tried to create their caliphate in some of the liberated areas and have more authority than the government in some of them.

The coalition had announced that it has halted offensive operations marking the end of operation ‘Decisive Storm’ and the beginning of operation ‘Restoration of Hope’ geared towards rebuilding the country.

Fighting is still ongoing in the country although the talks being held in Kuwait since April have helped to reduce its intensity.

President Hadi is currently in Saudi Arabia. He met King Salman on Monday in Makkah.

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