Iran: Rouhani Welcomes Nuclear Deal Implementation Day in Parliament

After the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) stated that “Iran has carried out all measures” in accordance with the July 14 nuclear agreement paving the way for Implementation Day, sanctions imposed on Iran were lifted on Saturday and President Rouhani welcomed the move as “glorious victory” which will open “new engagements with the world.”

Israel continues to be cautious about Tehran’s intentions with Prime Minister Netanyahu telling his cabinet that the Jewish State’s policy remains unchanged because it will not allow Iran to acquire a nuclear weapon. He claimed that the decision will give Iran “more resources to dedicate to their terrorism and aggression in the region and in the world, and Israel is prepared to deal with any threat.”

Rouhani told the Iranian parliament that “all are happy” about the Implementation Day “except Zionists, warmongers, sowers of discord among Islamic nations and extremists in the U.S.” He urged for the support and respect of the agreement because “nobody has been defeated in the deal neither inside the country nor the countries that were negotiating with us.”

Foreign investment is expected to flood into the country and Rouhani is eyeing an “economic mutation” but warned that it is not safe from obstacles. He called on Iranians to “prevent any domestic and foreign trivialities that thwart us” adding that “any irrelevant and diverting dispute is against national expedience.”

The Iranian president has been hailed by analysts for his pragmatism. He said the country needs around $50 billion of annual foreign investment to attain its 8% annual growth.

This deal is “an opportunity that we should use to develop the country, improve the welfare of the nation, and create stability and security in the region,” he said.

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