Libya: HoR slaps UN down

The Libyan internationally recognised parliament based in Tobruk Monday rejected the UN-proposed unity government, ignoring the international community’s repeated calls to rival Libyan sides to endorse and quickly put in motion the UN-brokered peace roadmap.

A majority of lawmakers in the House of Representatives (HoR) rejected the UN-proposed roadmap, making it unnecessary to resort to a vote.

The latest move by the HoR is no surprise as strong divisions cracked the body over whether to accept the UN peace deal or reject it.

The HoR insists it only recognizes the July 11 Draft initialled in Skhirat and will not accept the revised Draft handed to them by the UNSMIL Chief Bernardino Leon after incorporating amendments submitted by the rival General National Congress.

Reports also say though the HoR rejects the UN-proposed peace deal it remains faithful to the Dialogue Process and announced that it would revamp its Dialogue Negotiating team till now headed by the HoR deputy President, Emhemed Shouaib.

Meanwhile, the UN and Libya’s friends are defining how best they can come to help the future Libyan Government of National Accord (GNA.)

London hosted on Monday a high-key meeting co-chaired by the UNSMIL and UK to chart out most effective ways to support the GNA.

The meeting was attended by the 40 countries, UN Agencies, and international bodies, as well as a number of independent Libyan experts.

“We stand ready to offer Libya significant programs of assistance as soon as our help is requested, and we confirm that our commitment to Libya is strong, and for the long term,” said UK’s Minister for the Middle East and North Africa, Tobias Ellwood, at the opening of the meeting.

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