Yemen: Houthis call for resumption of peace process

Stephane Dujarric, U.N Secretary General’s spokesperson, stated there are positive developments in Yemen as the Houthi Movement and their allies renew their determination to accept Resolution 2216 that was voted in April and commitment to the Muscat principles.

The decision of the rebel group was hailed as an “important step” towards peace by Dujarric even though the Hadi government has not reacted to it.

U.N Special Envoy for Yemen, Ismail Ould Cheikh Ahmed, will head back to the region to continue promoting a peaceful solution and hopes “to gel what is being said into something a little more concrete” said Dujarric.

The resolution calls for the withdrawal of the Houthis from captured areas and their disarmament. It also seeks that all Yemeni parties, especially the Houthis, stop actions that are exclusively the authority of the government and “refrain from any provocation or threats to neighbouring states,” including acquiring missiles and stockpiling weapons in another country. The Hadi government has repeatedly stressed that the respect of the resolution would lead to a dialogue but the Houthis had in the past suggested that dialogue must be held first.

The Houthis also reiterated their commitment to the seven Muscat Principles agreed upon with the U.N during last month’s talks in Oman. Some of the principles are a ceasefire, withdrawal of armed militias from cities and the handing over of the capital to Hadi’s government.

BBC cited the letter of the Houthis describing the principles as “one unified bundle” that serves an “important and fundamental… step towards the resumption of the political process” while welcoming “the U.N call for all sides to return to the table of dialogue.” The letter claimed Hadi’s government has “not shown any positive reciprocity” with the U.N led peace process.

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