Qatar Moves to Protect Consumers, Closes Down Factory

Qatar Moves to Protect Consumers, Closes Down FactoryQatari officials announced lately that the Consumer Protection Department seized large quantities of poor quality cleaning materials and closed down the illegal factory making them.
These products were being sold by a major retailer all over the country while they were not meeting the quality standards set by the Ministry of Business and Trade.
The inspection team found out that the factory was using many products long after their expiry date to prepare different cleaning materials. At times they were also recycled with “changing agents” to make them appear similar to the normal products and prevent consumers from suspecting their inefficiency or even the dangers that may result from their use.
The factory, located in the Industrial Area of Doha, was raided after some goods that did not respect conformity were found on display for sale at a retailer store.
Further inspection showed that the factory was operating without a license. The factory was closed down but it is believed that large quantities of cleaning solutions, liquid detergents and laundry products are still available in the market and that many cleaning companies have purchased them in large quantities and might still be using them.
The retailer store and factory inspection operations are part of a large scale inspection campaign in Qatari markets and commercial centers in order to make sure that all products display obligatory information such as the country of origin, production and expiry dates and assure thus that  consumers get good quality products.

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