Israel: Design Art Network bought by Qualcomm

Design Art Networks is now owned by Qualcomm Incorporated according to announcement made by the latter. Quizzed about Qualcomm’s acquisition of the Israeli company, the president of Qualcomm Atheros, Craig Barratt said “Design Art and its products will both enhance and accelerate our initiatives to drive increased capacity and coverage in mobile networks.” He added that the “operators can significantly improve user experience across residential, enterprise and outdoor networks given the greater network efficiencies derived by implementing small cells and heterogeneous networks.”
With the smart phones becoming more innovative, the demand for an efficient cellular network infrastructure has risen and the scarcity of licensed spectrum make spatial reuse via small cell base stations an effective approach to achieve the needed capacity gains in order to satisfy the demand of the clients.
Design Art Networks has made a name for itself in the small cell modem and system design for cellular base stations and high-speed wireless backhaul infrastructure. It also provides systems in a simple and cost-effective way for operators. One of its renowned systems is the system-on-chip (SoC) and other software products which allow indoor and outdoor small cell base stations and remote radio heads to be designed. Integrated line-of-sight and non-line-of-sight wireless backhaul which reduces the cost of outdoor small cell deployments are also available.
Qualcomm is hoping to make use of the diverse products and technologies of Design Arts Network to boost its connectivity solutions and uplift the proliferation of indoor and outdoor small cells that provide coverage and capacity exactly where it is needed to its customers.

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