Polisario suffers setback after Saudi Arabia postpones Arab-African summit

Saudi Arabia has decided to postpone to a later date the Arab-African summit initially scheduled to take place on Saturday Nov.11 in capital Riyadh.

The postponement of the Arab-African summit was announced in an official letter addressed by the Saudi embassy in Addis Ababa to the African Union Commission.

Many observers see in the postponement a blow to the terrorist Polisario front, which is backed by Algeria and Iran, as Saudi Arabia categorically rejects the participation of the Polisario, a puppet entity, in a gathering on its territory.

Actually, Saudi Arabia has repeatedly affirmed its support to Morocco’s sovereignty over its entire territory and strongly rejects the participation of an entity lacking international legitimacy, whose presence contradicts the very moral and human values of this summit.

Meanwhile, the emergency Arab summit scheduled for Saturday, November 11, will be held in Riyadh as scheduled. The emergency summit will discuss the ongoing Israeli aggression in the Gaza Strip and seek solutions to this crisis.

The situation in Gaza will also be on the agenda of an extraordinary summit of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation to convene in Riyadh on Nov.12.

Well-informed sources have commented that Morocco and its allies in the Arab League and the African Union opposed the idea of the Polisario’s participation in the summit, including the host country, Saudi Arabia, Moussa Faki, President of the African Union Commission, and the Comoros, which holds the rotating chairmanship of the African Union.

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