Morocco: Celebrating crown prince Moulay El Hassan’s 20th birthday

The Moroccan royal family and Moroccans across the country are celebrating the 20th birthday of Crown Prince Moulay El Hassan on Monday.

The crown prince was named after his grandfather, the late King Hassan II.

He received his baccalaureate in 2020 and enrolled in the Faculty of Governance and Economic and Social Sciences at Mohammed VI Polytechnic University (UM6P).

The crown prince is a polyglot. He speaks several languages including Arabic, French, English, and Spanish.

As a representative of Morocco and its royal family, Prince Moulay El Hassan has been more involved in public life lately.

He has attended several international events, including a lunch hosted by French President Emmanuel Macron in 2019 to commemorate the late French President Jacques Chirac’s funeral.

In the same year, the Crown Prince presided over the ceremony awarding the King Mohammed VI Grand Prix for Cavalry in the official show jumping competition, and received children attending summer camps for the Al-Quds Committee.

Representing King Mohammed VI, the Crown Prince was present at the launch ceremony of the Tanger Med II port in 2019, which established the city as a crucial trade hub in the Mediterranean.

Prince Moulay El Hassan also participated in the One Planet Summit in Paris in 2017, where he was the youngest participant.

As the pandemic came to a close, the prince returned to the public eye in a greater role, as international media spotlighted his growing responsibilities.

In December 2022, Moulay El Hassan, along with King Mohammed VI and Prince Moulay Rachid, hosted the national football team in the Throne Room at the Royal Palace in Rabat.

The occasion was to recognize and celebrate the team’s outstanding performance in the 2022 FIFA World Cup.

In recent months, the crown prince has presided over the final of the first edition of the Polo Throne Cup, inaugurated the International Exhibition and Museum of the Sira Annabaouia and Islamic civilization, and attended the funeral of former President of the House of Representatives Abdelouahed Radi.

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