Egypt shuts down Red Sea beaches after two female tourists were killed in shark attacks

Egypt has suspended activities at several Red Sea beaches after two women tourists were killed in two separate shark attacks last Friday.
The first victim was a 68-year-old Austrian woman. She lost an arm and a leg due to a shark attack yet managed to swim to shore to seek help. She died shortly after she was taken by ambulance for treatment at a hospital.
She had been reportedly living in Egypt for the past few years with her Egyptian husband. The incident happened off the coast of Sahl Hasheesh.
The second victim, a middle-aged Romanian tourist, was reportedly found dead hours after the first attack. She was found 600 meters away from the first incident.
The two attacks are a blow to the North African country which has been trying to revive its tourism industry hard hit by the pandemic.
Tourism accounts for around 12 percent of Egypt’s GDP (Gross domestic product).

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