Israel forces kill Al Jazeera journalist in occupied West Bank

A female Palestinian journalist working for Qatar-based Al Jazeera network was shot dead early Wednesday as she was covering Israeli forces’ military operation in Jenin refugee camp in occupied West bank, the Doha-based media said in a statement.
“In a blatant murder, violating international laws and norms, the Israeli occupation forces assassinated in cold blood Al Jazeera’s correspondent in Palestine, Shireen Abu Akleh, targeting her with live fire early this morning, Wednesday, May 11, 2022, while conducting her journalistic duty, clearly wearing a press jacket that identifies her a journalist, covering the Israeli occupation forces storming of Jenin refugee camp in the West Bank,” the statement said.
“Al Jazeera holds the Israeli government and the occupation forces responsible for the killing of Shireen. It also calls on the international community to condemn and hold the Israeli occupation forces accountable for their intentional targeting and killing of Shireen,” it added.
Shireen was shot in the face. Her death was pronounced by Palestinian health ministry. The ministry also indicated that she was hit by Israeli fire.
Ali al-Samudi, a producer, working with Shireen, was also shot in the back during the same incident. He has been in stable condition but he is receiving treatment.
Israel said that Israeli forces came under heavy gunfire and explosives while operating in Jenin, and that they fired back. They also alleged that the two journalists could have been hit Palestinian gunmen.
Israel has been critical of Al Jazeera. Last year it bombed down a building housing foreign media including the Qatari media and the Associated Press (AP), in Gaza. The bombing came during new fresh showdown between Israel and Hamas; the Palestinian movement which rules the enclave.

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