Oman to take SMEs to Amazon to promote services, products

Oman’s Small and Medium Enterprises Development Authority (Riyada) has announced plans to launch an e-commerce program soon to register 100 small and medium enterprises on Amazon platform, in an effort to deliver their products and services to the world, Zawya reports.
The initiative according to the ministry of Economy in cooperation will enhance the presence of the products and services of the targeted institutions in the global markets and platforms.
The SMEs will be provided a guiding tool on how to use these platforms, live broadcasts with experts, practical training and illustrative videos.
The total number of SMEs registered with the Authority in the Sultanate of Oman increased by 35.3 per cent by the end of January 2022, to reach 66,769, up from 49,337 during the same period in 2021, Zawya notes citing latest data issued by the National Centre for Statistics and Information (NCSI).

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