Qatar: Fuel company brands rubbish reports about greenlight to sell alcohol in its gas stations

WOQOD, Qatar’s main fuel company and operator of most petrol stations in Doha, has rejected social media rumors that the company had been granted a license to sell alcoholic beverages in its outlets, Doha News reports.

“Regarding what was recently circulated on social media about granting WOQOD a license to sell alcohol in its petrol stations, the company would like to stress that these rumors have no basis and are completely untrue,” publicly listed company said in a statement.

“Alcohol is available for those who wish to purchase it in Qatar however its sale is regulated with only hotels and resorts and restaurants within those tourist locations licensed to serve it. Residents who wish to purchase alcoholic drinks for their homes can only find them at the Qatar Distribution Company (QDC) which is the only outlet licensed to sell alcoholic drinks for home consumption,” the company added.

The rumors emerge as the Gulf country prepares to host next year the largest football event in the world; FIFA 2022 World Cup. Millions of tourists from around the world are expected to attend the event to happen for the first time in the Arab world.

WOQOD operates 100 filling stations throughout the country.

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