Triangular Cooperation, Pillar of New Model of Partnership with Australia and New Zealand (Conference)

“Building Economic Bridges Towards Africa and the Middle East” is the theme of a recent online conference that focused on triangular cooperation and the promising prospects for Australian and New Zealand economic operators in Moroccan and Israeli markets.

The conference was chaired by Morocco’s ambassador to Australia, Karim Medrek, and Ron Gerstenfeld, Head of the Israeli Mission in Australia, and was attended by several officials from Morocco, Israel, Australia and New Zealand.

Speaking on this occasion, the Moroccan diplomat explained that Morocco, thanks to the far-sighted leadership of its Sovereign, stands out in its region by its commitment to political pluralism, its respect for the rule of law and the consolidation of its democratic process, recalling in this regard that the citizen remains at the center of all the policies initiated, thus promoting greater social justice and strengthening the position of women at the political and economic levels.

Medrek also highlighted the assets making the Kingdom one of the main recipients of foreign direct investment in Africa and the Middle East, namely its political and social stability, the quality of infrastructures, a respectable GDP growth, its control of inflation and major structuring projects, which reflect the potential and improvement of the business climate and competitiveness in the Kingdom.

Referring to the macroeconomic framework in Morocco, the ambassador said that the Kingdom offers several advantages to foreign investors, noting that the Kingdom promotes ecosystems in which it has real assets, such as car industry, aeronautics, textiles, pharmaceuticals, mining, chemicals and renewable energies sectors.

The diplomat invited, in this regard, Australian, New Zealand and Israeli stakeholders to seize this opportunity offered by Morocco.

In this context of strong attractiveness and international competition, Morocco today offers indisputable competitive advantages, thus constituting a privileged place of growth relay for Australian, New Zealand and Israeli companies, he pointed out.

For their part, the other speakers, aware of the Kingdom’s economic potential, due to its geographical location and its political stability, agreed on the importance of such a meeting to initiate a triangular partnership between the different stakeholders.

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