King Salman sacks Public Security Director over corruption allegations

The Saudi monarch King Salman Tuesday fired and referred the Director Public Security for investigation over corruption allegations, reports say.
Lt. Gen. Khalid bin Qarar Al-Harbi, state-run news agency SPA notes, had been taking public funds for his personal benefit. Al-Harbi, the agency further notes, is also facing charges ranging from forgery, bribery, and to power along with 18 private and public sector employees.
The monarch ordered his retirement and instructed a probe to be led by Oversight and Anti-corruption Authority (Nazaha). Al-Harbi’s dismissal decision comes amid vast anti-corruption campaign being carried out by the Gulf country.
Nazaha also reportedly arrested several other people including a Saudi Ministry of National Guard major general and three retired officers of the same rank. The kingdom was ranked 52nd on the Transparency international Corruption Perceptions Index 2020.

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