Governor of Iraqi province of Babel arrested for graft

Iraqi security forces arrested Tuesday the governor of the Babel province charged for corruption, reports say.
Governor Hassan Mandil Al-Sariawi according to reports was arrested on the back of an arrest warrant issued against him by the Iraqi judiciary for corruption and misuse of funds.
Early this month, the Babel Federal Court of Appeals issued an arrest warrant for him on charges of bribery in accordance with Article 160 of the Iraqi Penal Code, Middle East Monitor (MEMO) notes citing Turkish news agency Anadolu. Protests in province over the past week called for his dismissal on the grounds of “mismanagement and corruption”.
Al-Sariawi is the second governor of the province to be accused of corruption. Karrar al-Abadi, a former governor was reportedly in March also charged for corruption, Zhyan notes. Abadi is accused of issuing fake documents to grant land to a number of “ineligible” martyrs’ families and political prisoners, the media reports.

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