Houthi attack on Saudi airport meets global condemnation

Several countries around the world have condemned the Yemen Houthi rebel attack on Saudi airport that caused a plane to catch fire.
The attack targeted Wednesday Abha’s international airport, south of the kingdom and hit a civilian jet parked on the tarmac. No casualties were reported.
Egypt condemned the strike, Arab News notes, indicated that it stands with the Gulf country in counteracting these criminal terrorist acts that threaten the security and stability of the Kingdom and the safety of its citizens and residents.
Houthi attacks are a clear and direct threat to regional security and stability, the Egyptian foreign ministry said in a statement.
The attack according to the ministry constitutes a “full-fledged war crime, and is an extension of the terrorist attacks carried out by the Houthi militia with Iranian weapons and experts that have targeted residential neighborhoods, airports, ports and energy infrastructure.”
Jordan joined the condemnation stressing that the attack “targeted civilian facilities and put the lives of innocent civilian travelers at risk.”
Regional ally, Bahrain further extended the criticism of Houthis as it called the attack a “flagrant violation of international humanitarian law,” and expressed its support for any measures taken by the Kingdom to confront “these cowardly acts that target civilians.”
Kuwait and the U.S also slammed the attack. The Biden administration called on the Yemeni rebels to halt “aggressive acts.”
“We again urge the Houthis to immediately stop these aggressive acts,” State Department Spokesman Ned Price told reporters. President Biden has dispatched his new Yemen envoy, Tim Lenderking, to the kingdom to discuss the matter.
The US leader has reversed his predecessor’s policy in Yemen as he renounced to provide support for Saudi Arabia’s coalition in the poorest Arab country. Saudi Arabia has been leading an international coalition in Yemen to restore the administration of internationally recognized President Hadi Mansour.
The Biden administration also removed the Houthi rebels from the US terror blacklist but vowed to continue backing Riyadh in defending its territory.

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