GNA scorns Arab league meeting of foreign affairs minister on Libya

The foreign minister of UN-backed Government of National Accord (GNA) has said he will not attend an Arab league meeting of foreign ministers on Libya arguing that the GNA was not consulted.
Taher Siala, reports say, told the PanArab organization’s executive council that this planned meeting would “deepen the rift” between Arab governments on the issue.
The meeting; a video conference because of the covid-19 pandemic, was urgently requested by Egypt, an ally of GNA’s tough foe, retired Gen. Khalifa Haftar.
The GNA top diplomat indicated that he was not consulted for the proposed meeting and expressed concern that the video conference format of the planning meeting was an inappropriate forum for addressing the issues surrounding the brutal conflict.
Libya, which has slid into chaos since 2011 following the demise of Muammar Gaddafi’s regime, himself killed in a NATO-backed revolution, has become the theater of a major global proxy war.
Backed by Qatar and Turkey, the GNA is facing rivalry from Haftar who is backed by Egypt, UAE, Russia and France as well as Washington.
The GNA has recently managed to derail’s Haftar’s one-year old efforts to capture Tripoli. The gains by GNA forces has caused fear in Egypt as President Fattah al-sisi threated last week he could send troops inside Libya.
Egypt argues that the GNA harbors terrorists who it fear may march towards and cross its borders and to stage attacks.

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