COVID-19: Turkey sends medical aid to Italy & Spain

A Turkish military aircraft has left today Wednesday from Ankara with medical aid for Italy and Spain, two worst hit European countries by the Covid-19 disease, Turkish state-run news agency Anadolu reports.

Italy is the far affected country with 12,428 deaths and 15,729 recoveries out 105,792 overall cases.

Spain on the other hand has over 95,000 confirmed cases with 8,464 deaths and 19,259 recoveries as of Tuesday.
Turkey itself have reported 13,531 cases on Tuesday, 214 deaths and 243 recoveries.

The outbreak rebranded pandemic by the World Health Organization has spread to at least 180 countries with the U.S being the country with largest number of infections.

Over 860,100, with the death toll over 42,300 and more than 178,300 recoveries according to data posted by U.S.-based Johns Hopkins University.

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