Iran: Trump says poised to issue visa to President Rouhani to attend UN meetings

US President Donald Trump has said “if it were up to him, he would issue visa to President Hassan Rouhani and foreign minister to attend the UN General Assembly opening next week, after Iran said Washington has not yet provided visa to Iranian officials.

President Hassan Rouhani and Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif’s attendance in the UN General Assembly might be unlikely, as the US had not yet issued them visas.

The US, as host country of the UN, is required to issue visa to participants irrespective of the nation.

The delay in visa issuance takes place amid high tension in the Gulf region and between Tehran and Washington.

President Trump Wednesday said he ordered the Secretary of Treasury to rump up new sanctions on Iran after the US accused Tehran of being behind the attacks on Saudi Arabia’s oil installations on Saturday.


The attacks claimed by Iran-backed Houthi rebels caused fire and disrupted almost half of the production, nearly 5 per cent of global output.

Iran rejected the blame and vowed to retaliate in the event of new sanctions.

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