Abu Dhabi hosts FIFA Club World Cup 2018, expects big returns

The UAE is rubbing hands for big returns as it gears up to host in December in capital Abu Dhabi FIFA Club World Cup with 300,000 people expected for the event.

Head of local organizing committee, Aref Hamed Al Awani, has told Dubai-based Arabian Business he hopes to make profit from the event which will be made of 58 matches.

“We evaluate two main things: the economic and media impact. The main concern we are looking at is how to get a return from each event we host, but at same time, tourism is very important to us and to the UAE. It’s especially important to Abu Dhabi as it leads to tourism having a larger economic impact for industries such as hotels and restaurants,” he said.

The official refused to reveal the investment made for the sport event, however, he indicated the Emirati government is involved in hosting the tournament won last year by Spain’s Real Madrid.

“When it comes to organizing an international event like the FIFA Club World Cup or any other similar event, we’re organizing beyond the event. We’re coordinating with everybody in the country, including entities ranging from the airport to the police,” he said.

Six continental champions and the host nation domestic champion will compete for the title from 12 to 22 December.

In the same month, the Gulf country will also host the Asian Cup 2018, with one million visitors expected.

Abu Dhabi is in talks to stage a Spanish top-flight game probably in 2020.

“Yes, we are discussing that. We do have a good relationship and a MoU signed with La Liga and we are actively promoting it. Let’s see how they do it this year in the US. We would love the opportunity,” Al Awani said.

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