Turkey: Indonesia’s Islamic scholars call for banning Gulen movement

The council of Indonesian Islamic Scholars has urged Jakarta and Muslim nations around the world to ban Fethullah Gulen-linked FETO movement, noting the organization is haram (forbidden), Turkish state-run Anadolu agency reports.

In an Islamic ruling (Fatwa) issued last week, the council banned involvement in the activities of the organization or its aligned organizations in Indonesia. The council said it has “investigated and researched on the Fethullah Gulen movement in the name of Islam and Sufis in Indonesia and ASEAN” region, Anadolu says.

The council also called on Indonesian authorities and Islamic scholars around the world “to unite and jointly stop all forms of Fethullah Gulen activities in their respective countries” by prohibiting the circulation of their books in order to protect the mounting generations.

The scholars connected FETO to the July 2015 failed coup in Turkey in which over 200 people died. They called on followers to repent to Allah and account for their actions towards Muslims in the world, the agency notes.

Gulen, a former ally of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and his organization have been blacklisted by Ankara because of their alleged terror activities and mainly their alleged involvement in the failed coup.

The US-based cleric is believed to have masterminded the botch military takeover. Ankara has requested his extradition but the US has turned down the request.

Ankara, following the coup, has embarked on large scale crackdown on the movement. Thousands people in the military, security forces, judiciary and education sectors have been arrested with many gone into exile for fear of arrest.

Erdogan also initiated international campaigns against the movement calling world leaders to close businesses, NGOs and schools linked with the organization.

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