UAE: Israeli flag, anthem to be displayed at Judo competition

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) will host the Judo Grand Slam as planned after it guaranteed the international Federation of the sport, IJF, that it will allow the Israeli flag to be displayed and the anthem be sung during the sport event.

The IJF, in a statement on its website, welcomed the UAE decision to let Israeli athletes to take part in the Grand Slam under the Israeli symbols.

“The historic decision will thus allow all nations to display their national insignia and national anthem, including Israel,” IJF said on its websites.

The event to take place in the Emirati capital, Abu Dhabi, Oct. 27-29, became uncertain after local authorities suggested to ban Israeli symbols. The IJF in July threatened to remove rights to host the sport event if the Gulf country does not provide guarantees.

Last year, Israeli symbols were banned during the Abu Dhabi competition, the flag did not appear during medal ceremonies, and the national anthem was not played for Israel’s gold medalist, the Times of Israel recalled.

The UAE like most Arab countries does not have official diplomatic ties with Israel.

However, analysts and reports have hinted at covert ties, mainly in area of security and alliance against Iran.

The IJF has also threatened to transfer Tunis Grand Prix to another location on the same grounds.

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