UAE: health Care centers in Dubai put to rating system in 2019

Authorities in Dubai emirate will start rating medical centers both public and private, from next year as they seek to improve health care services and facilities for the safety and wellbeing of the patients.

The plan, floated by Dubai Health Authority (DHA), will begin early next year and will encompass public and private hospitals and day-care health centers located in the emirate, local media Arabian Business reports.

The future rating system will take into account five pillars namely patient safety, clinical quality, patient happiness, financial and operational indicators.

The system according to the DHA will contribute to improving quality across the healthcare system in Dubai while providing consumers with information to help empower them to make better choices about healthcare providers.

Another beneficiary of the plan will be medical tourism as patient travelers will have access to trustworthy, independently validated information about Dubai’s healthcare quality.

“Benchmarking and measuring the quality of care is fundamental to help build a robust health system where patient-centric care and patient safety is the cornerstone,” said Dr Marwan Al Mulla, CEO of the Health Regulation Sector.

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