Syria/Israel: Tehran believes Israeli air strikes aimed at supporting terrorists, rebels

Iran Friday has slammed the international community’s silence on Israel’s repeated air strikes in Syrian arguing the Jewish state uses the air strikes to support rebels and terrorists losing ground to President Bashar al-Assad.

Israel early Thursday conducted what it called ‘Operation House of Cards’ against allegedly Iranian military infrastructures in Syria. Dozen missiles were launched on around 50 military positions linked to Iran’s Revolution Guards.

Israel claimed it acted in reprisal to a barrage of missiles launched a little after midnight on the Golan Heights by Iranian forces propping up Syrian forces.

Iranian foreign ministry’s spokesperson Bahram Qasemi said on the official Press TV on Friday Israel is seeking to undo President Assad’s gains against rebels and terrorists.

“The Zionist regime cannot stand peace and stability in the region and sees its own safety in making the region all the more unstable,” he said.

“Today, the main supporters of these groups are directly attacking and invading Syrian territories in an attempt to avenge the many failures of their self-created terrorists and tip the scales in their favor,” he added.

The Iranian official also argued that the Syrian regime has the right to defend itself.

Israel has increased sorties on the Syrian territory that it claimed is being used by Iran as pad-launch to attack it. On April 29, tel Aviv launched F-15 missile attacks against a Syrian military base, killing seven Iranian military operatives. Another air strike was conducted Tuesday before the Thursday operation, which Tel Aviv claimed destroyed the majority of Iran’s military capability in Syria.

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