Libya: Khalifa Haftar to return home soon, his borther says

A younger brother of Khalifar Haftar has told an Egyptian media that the Libyan military commander, who is undergoing medical treatment in Paris, is in good shape and would return to the country soon.

Omran Haftar told Egyptian magazine Rose Youssef on Tuesday that he spoke with his brother who assured him of his good health and suggested plans to return home shortly after a few week absence.

Omran Haftar blasted rumors and media reports about the death of the former close military aid of Muammar Gaddafi.

“The marshal is in good health, but there are some abusers and traitors who are promoting the rumors of extremist groups,” Omran said.

Haftar was transferred to Paris from Jordan nearly two weeks ago for urgent medical treatment after falling into coma.

A diplomat source had earlier said that the Head of the self-imposed Libyan National Army (LNA) has been suffering from lung cancer, which has affected his brain and damaged his speaking abilities.

Local reports also noted that Egypt and United Arab Emirates, two of Haftar’s foreign supporters, have been organizing secret talks to pick up a successor to Haftar.

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