Tunisia Re-opens Consulate in Tripoli

Tunis has re-opened its consulate in Tripoli after three years of closure following the deteriorating security situation as result of rivalry among factions vying for the control of the capital.

Work at the consulate resumed Friday after talks between the two parties, the Libyan foreign ministry said. Tunis declined to comment but a diplomatic source confirmed the move in a statement to Reuters.

Tunisia shut down its mission in Tripoli in 2015 after some staff members were kidnapped by gunmen. The closure followed similar moves by several other foreign countries, which pulled out because of security degradation.

Libya descended into chaos in 2011 following the fall of Muammar Gaddafi in a NATO-backed revolution. Opposed factions have taken to arms to hold sway on the country’s oil.

The return of the Tunisian mission staff follows gradual resumption of diplomatic affaires at few missions including the Italian, Turkish and UN office in Tripoli.

Libya has been used as a rear base for the Islamic State fighters who caused havoc, in Tunis and Sousse in 2015 in three terror attacks that killed around 71 people, mostly foreign tourists.

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