Iran Vows to Avenge Death of its military advisers in Israeli air strikes in Syria

Iran’s top leadership Tuesday vowed to avenge the death of seven of its military advisers in Syria in Israeli airstrikes on a military base deemed a drone factory used by Iran.

Supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei’s foreign policy advisor Ali Akbar Velayati stressed that Tehran will not fold hands in face of the Iranian death toll initially put at four.

“The Zionist regime’s attack on Syria will not go unanswered,” Ali Akbar was quoted as saying upon arriving in the Syrian capital for a visit with President al-Assad.

The seven advisers were members of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC), local media outlet Tasmin notes.

Israel in the early hours of Monday struck the Syrian T-4 air base in Homs killing reportedly 14 people including Iranian advisers.

Israel on February 10 hit the same base that it believes is used by the Shia regime to manufacture drone.

Teheran Monday condemned the strikes confirmed by Washington. Russia and the Syrian regime also slammed the Israeli air defense sorties.

Iran and its allies, Russia and Lebanon-based Shia movement Hezbollah, have been supporting the Bashar al-Assad regime battling with armed opposition and militants since 2011.

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